Respond by pointing out either 2 weaknesses with this post or add 2 additional supporting points. 300 words, apa format and only 1 citation please.

Respond by pointing out either 2 weaknesses with this post or add 2 additional supporting points. 300 words, apa format and only 1 citation please.

Compare and contrast criminal justice organizations with nonprofit organizations.

In a traditional view of criminal justice organizations and nonprofits organizations they are based on providing services and not making money for stockholders.

They are they to serve others and the community within their scope and purpose but they are not there to sell goods to make a profit. Take a simple local hotdog vendor who wants to make a profit/income to use is different than a Police Dept. or Church wanting to give the hotdogs away to build community fellowship or to develop awareness to a local event or issue. Nonprofit organization currently employee around 10% of today’s workforce,

so this is a large number of employees. (Urban Institute, 2010) However, think of nonprofits in a large context than just religious groups and churches but really nonprofits would include hospital as they provide medical services, museums as they provide culture heritage, and others groups like the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army or some environmental groups.

(Riccucci 2012, p. 196) It is easy to see the common thread in these groups which are based on helping and serving others or a local community in which they operate. In this same thought they are very different in their administrative structure, command structure, and employee structure. A Police department has each of these structures clear defined and implemented for the staff to follow a chain of command and even a nonprofit hospital would but most churches will not have these structures as defined nor implemented. For example, look at the number of volunteers in churches but a Police department cannot operate on volunteers.

(Riccucci 2012, p. 207) The work force would become too volatile and unstable with the required personnel needed to operate a shift safely. The lack of personnel makes the Police department fail at the responsibility to protect and serve the community. Yet, the volunteers at a local hospital make it shine and as they promote a tremendous amount of good will on the hospitals behalf. The volunteer also receive a generous amount of training and exposure to the organization which may lead to a future employment opportunity.

Training is a common area that all organizations share because the better trained and equipped a person is a better employee, a happier employee and a longer retained employee. The training also creates efficiency and productivity which allows the business and organizations acquire betters results on their particular area of interest.

Riccucci, N. (2012). Public Personnel Mange

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