Paper can be based on any company

Choose a company with which you are familiar and write a 4-5 page paper on how well the company is managed based on the criteria we have learned about in the text. Major text chapter headings (e.g., Planning & Strategic Management, Ethics & Corporate Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Agility, and many others) should be used in describing what gives the company a competitive advantage over others (or describes why they have not succeeded). It is not necessary to use all chapter headings (you can pick the best or worst areas), but your analysis should pick the strongest (or even weakest) areas of the selected company. You can use Internet, magazines/newspapers, and even personal experiences and observations of the company. You can look at a company based on success or failure.

Any articles used must be cited with the website information attached so that I can print the articles (Professor requested copies of all related articles used)

The concepts listed above and any other concepts that can be used are from the class book “Management Leading & Collaborating in a competitive World” 12th edition. By Bateman, Snell & Konopaske – I have a digital copy that I can forward but the file is too large to upload on the request form.

While, I do not have a certain amount of sources that I would like used outside of the class book; any sources can be used to find information on the chosen company.




Here is the web address for the book


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