Hello, for our logo we are looking for something minimalistic, preferably in grey or black. Play with those colors. Our logo should include the name “Backswing” and something related to (…Read More)

something interesting write, i want to write something but i don’t know what, write something facebook, somewhere to write my feelings, something to write about when your bored, write something good about someone, write something about (…Read More)

culture awareness essay It is a military writing assignment Culture Awareness paper on Russia https://www.sendspace.com/file/ekgzvd   APA format, Times new Roman 12pt. Please follow the attached instructions…

This will be based on the book “Allah Made Us: Sexual Outlaws in an Islamic African City” and the writing prompt/guide is in the pdf.

The word you are about to do involves different steps regarding a problem-solving in Mathematics (statistics and quantitative finance). You will need to work through Scilab (software program). If you (…Read More)

student’s reflection on their teaching, their prepared materials and review of the feedback from their learner. Students will then answer the following questions as a part of the paper: 1. (…Read More)

For this assignment, you’ll write a research paper of a minimum of 500 words (you may go over the word count) in response to the additional details that have been (…Read More)

Your article is due at the end of Week 7.  This assignment focuses on BitCoins as a possible replacement for the dollar and other currencies. During Week 5, we studied (…Read More)