Miss Representation

Miss Representation Paper

You will be writing a paper regarding the movie “Miss Representation”. Click on the link below to access the “Miss Representation House Party Kit”.

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Rent and watch the movie: Miss Representation

Miss Representation, 2011
Explore how the media’s often disparaging portrayals of women contribute to the under-representation of females in positions of power, creating another generation of women defined by beauty and sexuality, and not by their capacity as leaders.

Assignment Instructions: The goal of this paper is to provide you an opportunity to examine your feelings about gender stereotypes, the way women are portrayed in media, and women in leadership roles.

Your paper should address the following questions:

1. What new things did you learn from what you watched? What stood out to you?

2. What most surprised you about the film?

3. Did the film make you think about the TV or film you watch any differently?

4. What about the mean girl effect? Did the film make you think differently about how we treat other women/girls?

5. What is one step you can take to change the way media portrays women and girls?

6. What are some ways that you’d like to see the media better represent you?

7. How much media do you and your family consume in a day and what is this media telling you about what it means to be a man or woman?

8. How can we discuss issues raised in the film with the children in our lives?

9. As a community what can we do to change the way women and girls are portrayed throughout our culture?

What can businesses do to break down gender stereotypes in the workplace?

What type of policy changes should we be encouraging at the state and national level?

How can we change our cultural mindset to be more accepting of women in leadership?

Paper Formatting Requirements: 750 words (minimum), 1000 words (maximum). Double-spaced, Times New Roman Font, Font Size 12, 1 inch margins on all sides. Put your name in the Header of the Paper with the assignment title. GRAMMAR, SENTENCE STRUCTURE & WORD USAGE FOR THIS PAPER WILL BE GRADED STRICTLY.

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