IRAC Explanation

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IRAC Explanation
1. Issue: what question or questions are to be decided by the court to solve the legal matter before it? (It usually begins with whether; did; does; etc.).

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2. Rule of law- what law governs the decision in the case. Be thorough and define it. If the rule is, for example, “the 8th amendment forbids the imposition of cruel

and unusual punishment”, also define what cruel and unusual punishment is and any exceptions to that rule that applies to the facts of the specific case.
3. The analysis discusses the facts and applies the rule of law to them to explain the basis or reason for the court’s decision. Do not simply give a conclusion as

your analysis, explain. Answer the question WHY? Keep asking and answering the question why. The analysis is concerned with your ability to think. It may require that

you read the case more than once, but certainly requires you to read it. Use the important facts in the analysis. Then apply the law. Then use both to explain the

reason for the decision.
4. The conclusion simply answers the question raised in the issue.

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