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Coursework for 344 SAM Project Management Intended Module Learning Outcomes The intended learning outcomes are that on completion of this module the student should be able to: 1. Evaluate current issues in project management and its application in the business environment. 2. Assess the impact of people skills on the management of a variety of different projects. Coursework Requirements Mr. Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, concluded, “We are thrilled to witness this auspicious moment of agreement between three world-class companies to launch an ambitious and critically important initiative. Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel is a key infrastructure of Ocean Park’s ongoing development. The signing today will propel the works of this appealing project ahead at full steam. With the rail linkage via MTR’s South Island Line (East) expected to be completed in 2016 and our new waterpark slated to open in 2017, the Ocean Hotel will enable us to extend the stay of guests, thereby elevating the appeal of Ocean Park as a destination theme park to a premier international resort destination. This project will also increase hotel room supply in Hong Kong, and provide another distinctive choice for families, FITs, leisure visitors, even Hong Kong residents, as well as Meetings, Incentive Travels, Conventions and Exhibitions event organizers around the world, which in turn help Hong Kong meet the demand of rising tourist arrivals and bolster the city’s competitiveness against emerging regional destinations.” Source:, last accessed on 30 June 2017 Research on the above case during and after the period of 2014 and define the relevancy of project management application. Identify the stakeholders of the Ocean Hotel and critically discuss the management of major stakeholder in the tourism industry including but not limited to hotel operators, visitors, business travelers and travel agents. In the coursework, a critical understanding of people skills and project management theories and how they may be applied to real projects are required. The word count for this assignment is 1500 words. There is a 10% word limit tolerance: maximum/minimum range: 1350 to 1650 words. Please include the number of words on the front page of your assignment. A penalty of 10% of the mark is applied if the word usage is not within the maximum/minimum range stated above. The reference list must include at least 15 separate sources. All source material used, including case study information, should have a corresponding citation. At least 8 academic references (textbooks and journal articles) must be included on the reference list. It is highly recommended that student should explore in depth academic frameworks outside lecture material that could facilitate the analysis of the case. Due Date: 20 November 2017, Monday (Please refer to late submission penalties detailed on page 2) –2– Coursework submission Hard copy (in form of Microsoft Word or compatible format) should be submitted to the SHAPE (Please contact reception counter on 9/F, VTC Counter). For soft copy, please upload to Moodle. You should always enter your name and complete all other details on a coursework cover sheet and also ensure that your student ID number and the module number are on the front page of the coursework itself. It must be stressed that all marks notified to you during the year are provisional until confirmed by the end of year Subject Assessment Board. It is possible that notified marks may be raised or lowered by this Board. Students MUST keep copies (electronic or photocopies) of all coursework submitted on this module.

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