January 2017

The creative essay assignment for the Contest (“Creative Assignment”) is to answer the following 2 essay questions: 1. Describe a problem in the world that you would like to solve (…Read More)

I need the first 4 pages of a research paper on these topics. Were free blacks really free? Was abolitionism confined to the North? How successful was the Underground Railroad? (…Read More)

FNCE 370v8: Assignment 5   Assignment 5 is worth 5% of your final mark. Complete and submit Assignment 5 after you complete Lesson 15.   There are 12 questions in (…Read More)

As president of the City Council, you have been invited by the Mayor to give a PowerPoint® presentation to Sparksville High School. Develop  7 to 10-content slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (including speaker notes) (…Read More)