November 2014

Time to talk chips here. Go to the Frito-Lay web site and the grocery store. In succinct memo format answer the following – Mosey around the supermarket and find something (…Read More)

Please watch the movie When a Man Loves a Woman. It is available from Amazon On-Demand rental for streaming or download and Netflix DVD rental.  You may also be able to find (…Read More)

Each type of proposed renewable energy has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, hydropower has the benefit of relatively consistent results; however, it remains controversial due to its impact on (…Read More)

Discuss the symbolic content and the historical context of Quinten Massy’s painting Money-Changer and His Wife and Pieter Aertsen’s painting Butcher Stall. Discuss some of the specific symbols used in (…Read More)

Discuss Christ in the House of Levi by Veronese in terms of the reaction it caused. What were the issues? What larger reality does this give of the Renaissance? Be (…Read More)